Welcome to Spark Career Strategy!

I’m Stephanie Goetsch, and it’s my job to help you ignite your professional spark. Throughout my career, I’ve guided hundreds of people through proven strategies to light their careers on fire – taking them from “I hate my job” to “I love my career.” My personalized coaching and dynamic workshops will spark your success.

Despite all the markers of traditional corporate success in human resources, I was miserable in a career that didn’t fit; wanting change, but feeling desperately stuck. I knew what I didn’t like, but had no idea what I could or should do instead. It was my own struggle to uncover my spark, coupled with expertise in hiring that now lights the way for recent graduates, established professionals and entrepreneurs to navigate from stuck to spark.

Feel good about hiring Spark Career Services, too. With our Lift As You Climb initiative, every service package you purchase, Spark Career Services helps a woman in need.